I'm a Data Science Analyst with Pew Research Center's Data Labs team. Outside of work, I sometimes volunteer as a project manager with DSSG Solve and recently worked on a project with ILAO. I also occasionally volunteer at the US Botanic Garden.

I graduated from Swarthmore College (near Philadelphia) with a double major in computer science and math with statistics emphasis. I was also a Data Science for Social Good fellow in Chicago in 2018. Previously, I worked with the Analyst Institute, a progressive analytics group in DC.

At Swarthmore, I worked for the IT, math, and computer science departments, in addition to being heavily involved with groups for students underrepresented in STEM fields. I assisted in the research of Dr. Kelly McConville by building interactive graphics with R Shiny and (separately) Dr. Emily Gasser by traveling to Manokwari, West Papua, Indonesia and collecting data on Wooi, a mostly undocumented language spoken by around 200 people living on Yapen Island. I also helped create and organize a large-scale celebration of interdisciplinary learning and won a local hackathon.

I'm also one of the possible results in the What Swarthmore Bird Lover Are You? quiz.